The venue of BlackBerry 10 launch event had a surprise KnighRider powered with BlackBerry 10 ecosystem. This cool pimped concept car was modified by a young software engineering student Arvind Sanjeev who turned his dream to life of controlling a vehicle with a smartphone. Though the project is still in early stages, the car easily amazed everyone in the arena & left them confused thinking mobile possibilities. Arvind has created a RideSmart BlackBerry 10 app that do wonders & surprisingly cost much less than you think!

Startup Village showcase at the BB10 Z10 India Launch

As we know, BlackBerry 10 platform is based on QNX kernel which is already installed in cars on roads. Unfortunately, you don’t find such richness on any economic vehicles we find in majority. Thanks to this young guy from RIM’s Innovation Zone Startup Village, all you need is a chip that roughly cost Rs. 5,400 ($100), a BlackBerry 10 smartphone & of course, a car. Below is the homescreen of RideSmart app running on a BlackBerry Z10 followed by a quick demo tour video.


This early version does a LOT already to makes you go wild! Starting the engine, controlling throttle & all other actions works pretty good. The developer seeks to setup more functions like steering wheel & shifting gears in upcoming updates. Once all done, we should probably see the hardware chip & controlling software on sale. We can’t wait to install this in our cars :D

The app is completely developed with BlackBerry SDK tools & performs actions via secured Bluetooth connection. That means you can control your car without even getting in. How cool is that? We wish Arvind a huge success with RideSmart & hoping to see it hitting stores as soon as possible.

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