Android Sideload – WhatsApp for Android that works perfectly on BlackBerry 10 Smartphones

*** OpenWhatsApp Now Avaialble for BlackBerry Z10 ***

The most used cross-platform instant messenger WhatsApp gets confirmed to be on BlackBerry 10 but unfortunately it’s not been released yet. But here you go! WhatsApp for Android has been tested by our team on BlackBerry Z10 & its working pretty well. Somehow there are some limitations & tricks to follow for initial setup.

Download WhatsApp for BlackBerry Z10 >>

Read the following guide once you have downloaded WhatsApp on your PC.


Your PC must have JRE installed. You must install the appropriate version of Java JRE:

Download JRE for Windows 32 Here
Download JRE for Windows 64 Here

DDPB Installer

Download Installer here and follow instruction below:

  1. On your BlackBerry Z10, go to Settings by swiping down from top on Home Screen
  2. Go into Security and Privacy > Development Mode
  3. Switch on ‘Use Development Mode’. If your phone doesn’t have a password lock, enter any password when prompted. E.g. your name (Not 123, abc etc)
  4. Now go back to Settings > About & choose Network category from the slide-down menu
  5.  Note IPv4 number E.g.
  6. Now run DDPB Installer on PC & enter the IPv4 number into ‘PlayBook IP Adress’ space along with device password you entered on Z10
  7. Click ‘Connect’ & your phone will be connected to DDPB Installer, If any error prompts, re-check the IP entered
  8. Now click on Add & choose the file downloaded. Check the WhatsApp tick mark in listing window & click Install
  9. A new window pops-up showing process & once its done you will have WhatsApp on your Z10
  10. Now go back into Security and Privacy > Development Mode & turn off development mode. Remove password if you don’t want any from Security and Privacy > Device Password

Note: Forget about ‘Cancel’ button on pop-up window. Just hit it when appears

WhatsApp Setup

  1. Run WhatsApp
  2. NEVER update client when prompted. Just swipe back (bezel action) to decline update
  3. Select your country & input a Phone # ( enter your residence or any other non-WhatsApp using phone number)
  4. WhatsApp then tries to send & receive SMS for setup. Wait for 5mins timer & let this process fail
  5. When WhatsApp couldn’t get any confirmation it opts for a Voice Call. Select voice call & be ready to receive a call on phone # entered.
  6. Note down the code & enter in the given space
  7. You’re done!


  • Contacts should be added manually swiping from above. Thsi ported app won’t sync your native contacts automatically.

* DO NOT update client when prompted. Use swipe-back (bezel) action to decline update

Download WhatsApp for BlackBerry Z10 >>